What will Cleaning Products be like in 100 Years?


Cleaning solutions and products have really changed the way homes and offices are cleaned. Can you think of home cleaning without using a vacuum? Or for that matter, is your home shopping list ever complete without an array of detergents, soaps, cleaning liquids, mops and brushes?

Come to think of it, 100 years ago, there wasn’t much people could do other than using hot water and homemade cleaning solutions to tidy up. These days, there is so much competition among cleaning products manufacturers, you often end up more confused than convinced about which product to buy.

And if you ponder about what cleaning products will be like in the next 100 years, you will probably look at some of the weirdest ideas that one can come up with. Not that all will succeed in getting you the results you expect, of course!

The future of cleaning products and solutions

House cleaning probably didn’t go beyond scrubbing floors and washing upholstery a couple of decades ago. Then, people felt the need to clean carpets, rugs, mattresses and sofas. Mostly, homeowners didn’t bother getting expert help for cleaning their households. In fact, they didn’t think much about cleaning.

People’s mindsets towards house and office cleaning have changed in recent times. Cleaning products, equipment and cleaning chemicals are in greater demand. But a great number of homeowners are also realising the fact that they have less time for house cleaning chores. They prefer hiring expert cleaning services or hire maids to do the house cleaning. The trend of hiring cleaning companies will stay for a long, long time to come.

Window cleaners, carpet covers, sofa protectors and vacuum cleaners, blowers, dust and grime emulsifiers will see a greater use. Complete cleaning care solutions for homes, offices, workshops and custom-designed cleaning solutions that cater to budget and time restrictions are definitely foreseen.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the future of cleaning products is definitely bright. However, what is important to note is that cleaning companies will be as much or even more in demand than ever. For all the cleaning products available, there must be experts to handle the products and do the actual cleaning.

The human touch matters

In house cleaning, as in all other aspects concerning the maintenance of a dwelling place, the human touch matters the most. You wouldn’t really want a machine to run amok all over the place, spilling cleaning acids and liquids, would you? This is exactly why we need an expert to supervise the house cleaning process.

Even in 100 years or so, there would definitely be someone on the job to tell you what to use and how to use it. More importantly, cleaning will be even more outsourced than it already is.

Probably in 100 years, people would simply hire robots to do the entire house cleaning just like in the 2004 Will Smith movie I, Robot. But until then, you need best cleaning experts who are quick, efficient and entirely within your budget.

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What will Cleaning Products be like in 100 Years?