Tools Everyone in the Weekly Cleaning Industry Should be Using


A great looking home or office that looks picture perfect and smells fresh all the time is no longer a dream. In fact, instead of being stressed by trying to handle cleaning tasks all by themselves, homeowners and businesses look forward to hiring professionals.

So, what is it that professional cleaning company in London do that really makes people want to hire them again and again? Well, they simply use the best cleaning tools and equipment for the cleaning jobs. Here’s a look at some of the tools top cleaning companies use when they clean your home or office.

Move away brooms and mops, vacuum cleaners rule the roost here

Cleaning companies use the latest and most efficient cleaning techniques. Vacuum cleaners with powerful motors are the best bet when it comes to carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and mattresses cleaning. No cleaning company will ever send its staff to your home without a couple of vacuum cleaners.

High temperature steam-vapour cleaning equipment to the rescue

For those in the know, getting tough stains off walls, floors, nooks and corners can be a cumbersome task. Most cleaning solutions, especially chemical cleaners can harm the surface with overuse. High temperature steam is increasingly used on hard-to-clean surfaces. The surface dirt loosens and the heat reaches difficult-to-access spaces and the high temperature kills bacteria. The surface can then be wiped dry for a sparkling clean look. This is one of the most important equipment every cleaning company should have.

Biodegradable cleaning solutions

More often than not, cleaning companies earn a bad reputation when it comes to the cleaning solutions they spray on their client’s walls and floors. Inflammable chemicals, acids and mixtures can leave surfaces with patchy looks and can also lead to staining of carpets, upholstery and in some cases damage to wooden floors.

Many cleaning companies that take up weekly cleaning contracts are constantly trying to source and use biodegradable cleaning solutions that cause no harm to any part of your home or office.

Special cleaning machines for carpet and rug cleaning

Carpets and rugs need special care. Moreover, it is not always possible to clean the large floor carpets and area rugs using vacuum cleaners or cleaning solutions at home or in the office. It is sometimes necessary to use special cleaning machines that can clean the carpets without damaging the fabric or colour. Many cleaning companies prefer to clean such rugs and carpets using the cleaning machines set up on their company premises.

Tools that help to move light furniture

Cleaning company staff usually finds it difficult to clean a home or office thoroughly due to the furniture. They are therefore equipped with simple tools to help move furniture to help them clean the floors and walls. Light trolleys, bubble wraps, container boxes and moving trucks are also used as and when the need arises.

At West Clean, use only the best and the latest cleaning tools in the industry to give you the best cleaning service. Call 0208 993 6864 to find out more!

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Tools Everyone in the Weekly Cleaning Industry Should be Using