Common Misconceptions about House Cleaning


Cleaning practices and cleaning habits vary from house to house. While some people prefer to clean their homes regularly week after week, there are some people who clean only when there is a change of season. Homeowners often find it confusing to choose the right cleaning products and solutions. Moreover there are many misconceptions about house cleaning.

Use bleach for all house surfaces

Bleach is considered to be good for killing germs and cleaning the surfaces. Many homeowners have been using bleach in varied concentrations for cleaning their homes. But the belief that bleach is safe for use on all surfaces is not true.

Bleach can affect the health of children and pets. Strong concentrations can cause respiratory problems and in some cases, it can also cause other health problems too. This means, bleach is not really the right choice for a cleaning product.

All cleaning solutions need to be sprayed on the surface and then wiped away

This is again one of the biggest misconceptions people have about cleaning products. While most cleaning solutions come packaged in bottles that instruct you to spray them on the dirty surfaces and then wipe away with a moist or soft cloth, all cleaning products do not work the same way.

Many cleaning products require the dirty surface to be soaked in water along with cleaning solutions for proper sanitization. It is important to look at the cleaning instructions before using any product.

Use bleach with hot water

It is again a misconception that bleach should be only used with hot water. In fact, bleach when used with hot water can actually stain white surfaces and cause them to turn yellow. Hence, using bleach with hot water is not really a very good idea. Avoid doing so if you want to keep your upholstery and carpets from looking faded.

Vinegar is the best disinfectant

Many homeowners are content with ideas from their grandmothers and sometimes, great-grandmothers. Home cleaning products were often sourced from kitchens centuries ago. But home surfaces are no longer restricted to stone and mortar. Vinegar can prove to be useful in cleaning only certain types of surfaces. Moreover, it is not known to kill all types of germs.

Do not vacuum your carpet too often

It is commonly believed that vacuuming carpets too often can damage them. In fact, not vacuuming carpets regularly can lead to dust and grime accumulation. Professional cleaners can tell you how vacuuming carpets and upholstery can lengthen their lifespan and keep them looking new and great for years.

Green cleaning products are completely safe

All green cleaning products are not completely safe for children and pets. In fact, the ingredients in the cleaning products may cause mild to extreme health related problems. So, it is better to check the cleaning product instructions before using them. It is even better to get professional cleaners to use cleaning equipment for cleaning furniture and other upholstery.

House cleaning is always stressful

Probably the biggest misconception in house cleaning, this is definitely not true because now you can hire professional domestic cleaning services such as West Clean to do all the house cleaning for you. No stress, no problems and definitely no complaints!

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Common Misconceptions about House Cleaning