Top Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

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Tip Top Shape – 10 Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

The importance of ensuring that your flat or rental home is completely spic and span when you move out cannot be understated. Dust in the corners, a greasy hob or a stained ring in the toilet? These can all impact your deposit and result in heavy penalties. Here is a list of tips that you can’t ignore for your end of tenancy cleaning.

  1. Hire a cleaner – A skilled, professional cleaner knows exactly what to do – they can clean your flat to the highest standard so that you will not lose a penny from your deposit.
  2. Launder your curtains – People regularly forget to clean their drapery, so you should make sure that you launder them or even consider having them professionally cleaned.
  3. Wear slippers or socks – Wearing your street shoes throughout the house as you finish up the final inspection will just track dirt back onto the floors.
  4. Remove absolutely everything from the bathroom – Cleaning your bathroom at the end of tenancy should only be done once absolutely everything has been removed.
  5. Clean your windows and mirrors with a squeegee – A squeegee will remove streaks and smears much more efficiently than kitchen roll or a cloth.
  6. Check every cupboard and closet – Make sure that your closets, fridge and cupboards are all completely empty. You could be charged for rubbish removal if you leave anything behind.
  7. Patch and fill all holes in the walls – Once you remove all of your wall hangings and pictures, you need to make sure that all holes (no matter how small) have been patched and painted.
  8. Steam clean your bathroom – Run the shower at its hottest setting so that the steam loosens all debris and dirt.
  9. Soak your toilet with bleach – Leave bleach to sit in your toilet bowl overnight in order to remove all stains.
  10. Scrub your oven door – The oven is often the filthiest place in the house, and yet many tenants forget to ensure it is completely clean before moving out. Specialised oven cleaning kits can be purchased from most supermarkets.
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Top Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning