History Of Cleaning

History Of Cleaning

Where there is a home, there definitely is a need for cleaning. And when it comes to cleaning, modern technology ensures there are enough techniques, methods and ways to keep your home, office and the surroundings clean.
Cleaning has always been an important part of daily routine in many homes. But there are many people who usually do not indulge in cleaning on an everyday basis. They prefer to clean the entire house at the end of autumn or spring. This is when they throw out clutter, dirt and unwanted stuff.

Here’s a look at some of the cleaning habits down the ages.

  • Brooms, brushes, rags and water – Cleaning in the 18th and 19th century involved entire families. Homes were scrubbed clean, junk and clutter discarded unfailingly year after year, rugs and curtains washed in hot water. Anything that made the home look clean and smell fresh was used as a detergent. The choice ranged from lime solutions, vinegar, soap and mild chemicals.
    The concept of hiring a cleaning professional or company to do the cleaning was unheard of. In fact, no such companies existed. Of course, the rich and the elite did not do the cleaning themselves; they hired servants. This was perhaps among the earliest of examples of outsourcing cleaning tasks.
  • A chimney sweep meant luck too – Chimney sweeps were people who cleaned fireplaces and chimneys for a small fee. It was a difficult task to get into tall chimneys and fireplaces as they usually had soot, dust and wood or coal leftovers.
    Clogged chimneys could result in smoke filling up the homes. Hence cleaning fireplaces and chimneys was more commonly practiced and regularly supervised.
    Chimney sweeps were called whenever the homeowner felt the fireplace or chimney needed a good scrub. Of course, seeing a chimney sweep also proved lucky for many people or so they thought.
  • Cottages to buildings, changing cleaning concepts – When people moved from the countryside to cities, homes became smaller and cleaning became even more necessary. With factories, vehicles and dust and grime, came the need for modern cleaning methods. Vacuum cleaners, cleaning solutions, detergents and chemicals were in high demand from homes and offices.
    But as the 20th century changed everything including lifestyles, it became increasingly important for people to stop wasting time and effort in cleaning their homes and workplaces.
    Also, the use of modern gadgets required modern methods of cleaning. This was not always possible for homeowners. Buying cleaning equipment was not the solution. Hiring professional cleaning companies almost became a norm.
  • Cleaning in the 21st century – An increasing number of homeowners and businesses are realising the need to keep their homes and offices clean. The best way is to hire cleaning professionals such as West Clean. We have the know-how and the equipment to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Rug cleaning, mattresses cleaning, upholstery cleaning, storage cleaning, swimming pools, attics and complete cleaning solutions for homes and offices are easily available with cleaning companies.
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History Of Cleaning