Common Misconceptions About Autumn

Autumn Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions about Autumn

After the joyful spring and pleasant summer, it’s the time of the year to face those autumn winds. Autumn brings a change of weather that gets with it allergies, colds and sneezing sprees.

Autumn cleaning may sound a bit out-of-place but it is a habit you must inculcate to keep away illnesses. More often than not, keeping your home and workplaces clean can avert allergy and respiration-related problems. Here are some common misconceptions about autumn and how you can overcome them.

Plants don’t bloom in autumn

If you thought plants and therefore pollen are common only during spring and summer, think again. There are a number of plants that tend to bloom when summer is almost over and pollen is found everywhere in the atmosphere. If you are allergic to pollen and tend to suffer from respiratory illnesses, this is one good reason to keep your home pollen-free.

In many homes, autumn cleaning involves getting rid of unwanted pollen from rugs, mattresses, window sills and sometimes even rooftops. We at West Clean recommend you to get professional help for your autumn cleaning. It is important to use the right cleaning techniques as inappropriate methods may result in pollen collecting inside your homes.

City people don’t need to worry about seasonal allergies

For a long time, most people thought that only the countryside witnesses drastic changes in temperature. In the cities, it is common to find homes with central heating and cooling mechanisms, thereby maintaining the home temperatures. Hence, it was a general belief that seasonal allergies do not affect the people living in cities.

Pollen and dust can spread to nearby areas at a speed faster than you can fathom. In fact, seasonal allergies are as much a possibility in city homes as they are a regular occurrence in country homes.

The right thing to do would be to take precautions against autumn allergies. Keeping the home and work areas clean, dry and dust-free can help. Stocking up medicines, vacuuming your home and cleaning up your home surroundings can help in reducing seasonal allergies to a great extent.

It is fine to keep windows open to let in the fresh air

You may want to open the windows and let in some fresh air but you are also inviting autumn allergies into your home this way. Pollen count is usually the highest during the day. If you suffer from autumn sickness, you must make sure you keep those windows firmly shut. The same goes for your car windows too. Avoid driving with the windows down and you could stop falling prey to autumn allergies.

I never had seasonal allergies before, so I won’t get autumn sickness

It is always possible that a person who never had an allergy in childhood can get one later in life. Autumn allergies, asthma, respiratory problems are known to occur due to various reasons. If you have a runny nose, itchy eyes or throat irritation for more than two weeks, you probably need to get yourself medical attention and treatment.

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Common Misconceptions About Autumn