Eight Tips for Packing Boxes for your Home Removal

Moving home is always going to be stressful, but you can make it easier on yourself by being organised with your packing. Here are eight useful tips to help you:

  • Make a list of each item in a room and mark down which box your possessions should go into. This will make it much easier to find things as you’ll know which box to look into. If there are two or three boxes for a room, make sure you mark them 1, 2 and 3 and that way you won’t have to go through all three boxes just to find something from the lounge, you’ll know it’s in box number two.
  • Make sure you have suitable boxes that aren’t going to break. You can buy sturdy boxes off the internet, or from a local supplier.  Buy bubble wrap and strong tape and get hold of some newspaper.
  • Line each box with newspaper and wrap delicate items in bubble wrap. Make sure you don’t put small breakables at the bottom of a box where they could get broken when heavier things are placed on top of them.
  • Don’t put too much in a box, or it will be heavy and may get dropped. Make sure you can close the box and seal it up properly.
  • Bag up any items that are small, such as nuts and bolts before you pack them.
  • Label the boxes clearly and don’t stack boxes with delicate items underneath heavier boxes.
  • Make two important boxes. One for paperwork and all the screws and bolts from any flat-packed furniture and then make an emergency box.
  • Put things like your kettle, any baby equipment and nappies, wet wipes, candles and a lighter or matches, a torch, some string, some cutlery and cups or glasses. Don’t forget a loo roll and any medication you may need to take. If you want to celebrate with a glass of wine when you arrive, pack a bottle opener. This box will mean you’re ready for any emergency, so if you arrive late in the evening to find the electricity is off, you’ll at least be able to dine on a takeaway by candlelight, before you go to bed and you can sort out any problems in the morning.

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Eight Tips for Packing Boxes for your Home Removal